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The home should be a treasure chest of the living. Anon.



Bringing country style to your home

The Blue Hare is brought to you by a love of country, style, and character.


Buffalo check, plaid and gingham are blended with neutral colours, as well as cornflower and

French blues mixed with woodland creatures, that will give your room a cosy relaxed

feel with loads of character.


Our dream is simple but authentic. A sense of classic design, incorporating elements such as vintage and antique wares, producing a relaxed, natural space that is versatile and family friendly.


Browse our page from cosy cushions on your sofa, to accents for your kitchen and blue and white prints for your walls.


The Blue Hare has something to help make your house a home.

Pop over to our FACEBOOK page or Trademe account -to view more products and our vintage homewares. 

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